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Wigs, Toppers, Extensions, Oh My!

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

For a long time I thought that if women wore hair they were either wearing hair extensions or wigs.

There are many types of hair extensions: Halo extensions, clip in tracks of hair, tape in extensions, tracks that you glue or attach to your hair with a special tool, and tracks that you weave into your hair. Hair extensions didn’t work for me because, while I have a good bit of hair, it is thin on the top and hair extensions are not applied on the top of your head. So they do not cover up thin hair and actually ended up looking very unnatural for me.Thin and scraggly on the top, thick and bushy on the bottom...not a great look for me!

A wig provides total head coverage and is best for those who are experiencing total hair loss, which I am not. If you still have some bio hair, you would tuck that hair under a wig cap and then place the wig over it and attach it to your head with adhesive or a grip headband.

Hair toppers are an awesome solution for partial hair loss or thinning hair because they can be worn with your existing hair (not tucked into a cap). Toppers clip into your bio hair on the crown of your head and cover a targeted area where you are experiencing thin hair or hair loss. They blend in with your bio hair to create a more natural look.

I hope this clears up any questions you have. If not, leave me a comment below and I would love to help!








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