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Why Some Hair Extensions Just Don't Work For Your Hair

The first time I wore hair extensions, I asked my neighbor to glue in hair wefts into my existing hair. She did her own hair extensions and they always looked so good. So I went out and bought blonde hair to match mine and she glued in the wefts. It was a disaster! LOL

My husband called it my "carpet hair". You could totally see the wefts peeking through my bio hair. It was embarrassing and quite painful to remove (even with the glue remover).

My next attempt at hair extensions was a halo style extension. I bought the wefts myself and watched a YouTube video on how to make them. Basically, I glued a weft of hair to a fishing wire that sat on my head like a halo, and then pulled my bio hair up and over the wire to blend it. Guess what? You could still see the wefts peaking through.

The next thing I tried was tape in extensions. I looked into micro link and fusion extensions but they were very expensive and the upkeep was also expensive. Tape ins were a cheaper option even though I still had to go in for upkeep appointments as they start to slide down your hair as it grows. The tape in extensions looked good as long as I did not wear my hair up or in a ponytail. It basically had to be down all of the time, and you could still see them if the wind blew the wrong way. And then, my hair started to grow, so the tape ins started to badly that one of the extensions fell out at my nephew's graduation. I was mortified. So I removed the tape in extensions (another painful process).

You would think after all of this money and bad luck that I would have given up. But I'm not a quitter!

So I tried clip in weft guessed could totally see them through my bio hair.

I started to figure out that traditional hair extensions were not going to work for me because my hair was so thin on the top. So anything I applied underneath my bio hair was just going to show through.

Then I discovered TOPPERS! Cue the Hallelujah chorus! Toppers are extensions that attach to the TOP of your head, so they are perfect for gals like me who have thin hair! And once I started wearing toppers, if I wanted to add extra length or volume, I could utilize a halo style topper or a clip in weft underneath because the topper covered these extensions fully and they did not peak through.

No peek through! Don't mind my shirt hanger string...

So if you are one of those girls like me who has tried all kinds of hair extensions and found that they did not work for your naturally thin hair, I encourage you to try a topper. It truly is the solution I was looking for.

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