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Why Did I Start Wanderlust Dream Hair?

Hi, my name is Alison and I am the owner of Wanderlust Dream Hair. I sell hair toppers for women who are struggling with hair loss due to medical conditions such as alopecia, cancer, etc, and also for women who just want that extra volume!

I wanted to share a little about why I started Wanderlust Dream Hair.

First of all, my main WHY is my mom, Brenda. She passed away from brain cancer when I was only 13 years old. She battled for 2 long years and during that time lost her hair due to chemotherapy. At that time they had a wig bank where cancer patients could go and pick out a wig that had been donated. The problem with this is that these wigs were made for someone else. So they didn't fit properly, were hot, and she did not feel like herself when she wore the wig she chose. I really wish we had known about toppers back then. I think a hair topper may have been a better solution for her when her hair started to grow back. I know she struggled with confidence when she lost her hair. So my main mission is:

I believe every woman should discover who they are and embrace that with confidence!

If you have hair loss, toppers can help you feel like yourself again and give you that confidence back.

Secondly, I have experienced hair loss as an adult. I have chronic migraines and have tried about everything under the sun (please don't contact me about your essential oils; believe me, they don't work). The only thing the doctors have been able to figure out is that I have lesions on my brain which may contribute to my migraines. I was having 19-30 per month until I started a new treatment (Botox for migraines). I also started taking a monthly preventative shot. #alltheneedles

I have always had fine, thin hair, but when I started these treatments, I noticed that my hair was getting thinner and there was more hair in my shower drain and in my hairbrush. So I started trying all the things.

I tried glue in wefts, clip-in wefts, tape-in extensions, halo extensions...but none of these types of extensions addressed the thinning on the top of my head and at my part line. Then I discovered TOPPERS!

Toppers clip to the top of your head and cover any thinning you may have at your part line or on your crown. Toppers were the perfect solution for me.

So I purchased several different types of toppers and started racking up the bills because let's be real, most companies charge a LOT of money for their toppers.

I decided there had to be a more affordable way to source these toppers. I found a supplier, and my colorist and started my own company. I want to make toppers more affordable for women while still maintaining a quality product. And I did just that! My prices are very affordable in comparison to some of the larger companies. And I am able to customize my toppers at no extra cost to you (whereas other companies charge for customization).

So that is a little about me and WHY I started Wanderlust Dream Hair. I want women to feel confident in the midst of hair loss. What are waiting for? Get the hair of your dreams with Wanderlust Dream Hair!



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