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Postpartum Hair Loss

All of my friends who get pregnant end up having the most beautiful, shiny, amazing hair during their pregnancies. I am always so jealous of their luscious locks. There is a lot of talk about hormones and how they affect your hair for the good while you are pregnant; but I am finding that there is less talk about postpartum hair loss.

First of all, postpartum hair loss is completely normal and for a lot of women, is only temporary as their hormones level out. But for some women, for whatever reason, their hair does not grow back and they are left with thinner, duller hair than they before.

This can be so hard. A woman's hair is like her best accessory. We put a lot of emphasis on our hair: styling it, coloring it, etc. So when we lose it, it can feel devastating.

If you are one of those women who has had postpartum hair loss where your hair hasn't gone back to "normal", you are not alone. Women are starting to speak out about their hair loss and how they cope and learn to rock their locks. I encourage you to check out #hairloss or #thinninghair on Instagram and see what other women are doing and saying about their own hair loss. The Instagram hair loss community is truly amazing!

There are many options for women who are struggling with this type of hair loss: extensions, wigs, and toppers.

I highly recommend toppers because they cover thinning hair or bald patches that are on the top of your head. Regular hair extensions do not cover hair loss on the top of your head as they usually attach underneath your existing hair.

Here is a picture of the inside of a topper so you can see how it attaches to your existing hair:

The comb in the front goes under the front of your hair and then you use the clips on the sides and back.

Toppers can be a good transition piece while your hair is growing back as well. They can be dyed to match your bio hair or you can try a new, fun color to change it up.

This picture is the same piece as above (just on the mannequin head).

If you have any questions about how a topper may help your hair loss, please send me a message. I love hearing from you.

And please check out the Hair loss community on Instagram and Facebook for encouragement and ideas.



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