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Never color your hair again...and still have amazing hair! No grays, no roots!

I used to drop a bunch of moolah at the salon every month to keep my hair the perfect shade of blonde. And in those not so flush months, I resorted to dying my own hair (gasp)!

The problem with hair color is it is literally an addiction. You have to keep coming back at least every 4 weeks to keep your hair looking amazing. And let’s face it...dropping $150 plus a tip makes your wallet sigh...and your husband.

Then one day I discovered toppers. My hair has always been thin and even though color made it look better, it still never looked full and luscious.

I discovered hair toppers by stalking some of my favorite influencers on Instagram. A topper basically clips over your bio hair. It comes already colored and the color does not grow out because it is not attached to your head like your bio hair. So you will never have roots (unless you choose a rooted topper), and your hair color doesn’t ever need a touch up.

What the what??? I know right?!

And toppers are so much lighter than a full wig and are undetectable because the hairline is so natural.

So why keep spending $2000 a year at the salon? A topper is way cheaper and will last you at least 2 years with the proper upkeep.

And speaking of upkeep...did you know you only have to wash a topper every 10 or so wears? The reason is that because it does not produce the oils that your scalp naturally produces. So no oily scalp! And unless you just douse it in product and cigarette smoke, you won’t need to wash it until you wear it 10 times.

So what are you waiting for?

More volume, awesome color that doesn’t grow out, and thick, luscious locks… it’s a no brainer!

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