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How We Are Different From The Competition

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

You've got choices when it comes to buying a topper! There are a lot of great hair companies out there. But I wanted to share with you what makes Wanderlust Dream Hair the best choice for you!

đŸ„ Drum roll, please...CUSTOMIZATION!!!!!

We are the only company (that I am aware of) that focuses on giving our clients the full CUSTOM experience!

What does that mean? đŸ€·â€â™€ïž

  1. We don't expect you to buy a stock topper from us and then search high and low for a stylist who will color it to your liking (translation: spending more money after you've already spent a small fortune on a topper)

  2. You tell us what you want...and then we make it. It's that simple! 💃

  3. And...WE DON'T CHARGE YOU EXTRA for this service!

What the what?!?!

You read that right. When you fill out a custom order form:

You tell us what cap size, what length, what color...you even attach a picture of what you want, and then we make a custom topper JUST FOR YOU!

All we require is a $200 deposit to get started. Then your balance will be due when the topper is done.

Why spend money on a stock topper that isn't really what you want?

You can get the hair of your dreams by ordering from Wanderlust Dream Hair.

Let us make your hair dreams come true!



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