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How to talk to your Stylist about your Topper

Unfortunately a lot of us have had bad experiences taking our topper and wigs to our stylists. They may not have experience working with a hair piece. But this is very important and you want to protect your investment. Here are a few tips and questions to ask when taking your topper to your stylist to be customized.

1. Have you installed and styled extensions, toppers and/or wigs before?

2. Have you colored extensions, toppers and wigs before?

3. And most importantly: Are you comfortable working on my topper?

Don’t be afraid to let them know your fears up front. For example, if you’re getting a cut, LESS is more. “I just want to start slow and not cut too much hair off", is a good way to let your stylist know to chill with the scissors.

Ask them to cut less to begin with and they can always cut more if needed. Since the hair doesn’t grow back, they can’t undo cutting too much off.

You can also ask them to show you the length they are cutting before they cut it. It is your investment, so don’t be afraid to ask the questions you want to ask.

Coloring: It is easier to make a lighter color darker. But it can be tricky to lighten a darker color.

So be up front with your concerns and give the stylist a chance to tell you he or she is not comfortable coloring the hair or not. It is better to know up front than afterwards, right?

There are countless stories online about bad experiences with toppers and the stylists that tried to style them. My heart goes out to those of you who have had bad experiences with stylists being rude, ruining your pieces, or just making you feel less beautiful than you are.

If you are in the Virginia Beach area, I can highly recommend Sam and Jenna at Honeycomb Salon (@honeycomb_salon_vb on Insta). Look them up; they are awesome!

I am in the process of compiling a list of stylist recommendations. Even if you don’t buy a topper from me, I want you girls to have the info you need to take whatever topper or wig you buy to a stylist that knows what the heck they are doing.

So if you have a stylist you know and love, please send me a message, or leave a comment and I will add them to the list. It would be helpful to have their address and phone numbers. I will make the list public once I get everything together.

Girls, let’s support each other and give our business to those stylists who will treat us with respect and who will take care of the investment we have made: our toppers and wigs!



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