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How to change the part on your topper

We all have our preferences when it comes to parting our hair. Some gals love the middle part (rocking the Marsha Brady). 👩‍🦰

And some love a side part. 🧑

I have recently discovered that zig-zag parts are super fun to mix it up! 🥰

No matter how you part your hair, we got you covered! Our toppers all have a silk top/part and can be changed to your liking. 👍

Most of our toppers are shipped out with a middle part. But it is super easy to change the part!

1. Wet the hair along the part line. There is no need to get all of the hair wet.

2. Take a comb and change the part line to where you want it

3. Dry your newly parted hair with a hairdryer

4. Add a little hairspray for that extra hold

That's it! Your new part should stay until the next time you wash it. 🛀

A little tip: If you want a little lift at the front of your topper, hold the hair back with a brush while drying it and then spritz with hairspray. 💁‍♀️

It's so easy!

Happy parting! 💜

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