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3 Things That Hold Women Back From Wearing Helper Hair

The top three things that hold women back from wearing hair:⠀ 1. Money 💰 ⠀ 2. Color and Fit⠀ 3. Return Policy⠀

Let's Discuss! is the thing that we work for, that allows us to live the life we want to, and can get us into trouble. It’s kind of a big deal.⠀

Money is the #1 reason that girls don’t buy hair when they start to notice hair loss. Hair can be very expensive. Full wigs can cost $2000 or more. And not all hair quality is the same. You can spend a lot of money on hair and find out that you’ve bought a product that starts to fall apart or change color after the first wash. Or you can spend a little money and have the same results. I’ve been there...and it is maddening.

When I created Wanderlust Dream Hair, I wanted to create an affordable, quality product that would last at least 2 years. We use only the best 100% Remy Brazilian Human hair. Silky soft and shiny. And the best part is that you can save money on going to the salon. After your initial trim (which we recommend you do when you get your topper), there is no need to go to the salon anymore for cuts and color (unless you just really want to go). I am saving $150+ per month by not having my bio hair cut and dyed monthly. My topper covers my bio hair and my roots, and the color on the topper does not grow out so there are never roots (unless I am wearing a rooted topper on purpose 😂).⠀

Toppers are way more affordable than you think. And we use PayPal so you can always use a credit card or PayPal credit to spread out your payments.⠀

Just think about all the time you spend in a stylist’s chair...what other things could you be doing? Going to the beach, Taco Tuesday, traveling to Indonesia? The list is endless.⠀ Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself! Especially if you are struggling with hair loss. Feeling beautiful and confident is priceless but it doesn’t have to break the bank!⠀

Did you know that your topper does not have to perfectly match your bio hair???!!! What the what????

Yep, it’s true. Are you a blonde that wants a pink topper? No problem! If you don’t believe me check out @hairlossboss videos on Instagram. She is a babe in her pink topper!⠀

When I first started looking at toppers I was obsessed with color match and could never find a piece that matched perfectly. Then I figured out that it really does not matter for me because I wear my topper at the front of my hairline with no bio hair out at the front.⠀

Some gals wear their toppers a few inches back from their hairline. This is when color match is more important. But you can always dye your topper to match your hair. Just make sure you buy a lighter topper and dye it darker. Trying to lighten a darker topper is a lot harder to do.⠀ Check out the colors on my gram and you can always tweak them to your liking.⠀ ⠀ Now what about fit? I had no idea about what cap size I needed until I measured my head and then tried one on. The first measurement is front to back, so you would measure from the front of your hairline to the back where you have spots you want to cover. Then there is the side to side measurement. I have a video on YouTube on this topic where I show you how to measure. A topper is not going to cover your entire head like a wig so it is really up to you and your level of hair loss as to what you need.⠀

And if all else fails, we have an exchange/return policy just in case the hair doesn’t work out for you or you need a bigger or smaller cap size. ⠀

I think buying hair online can be scary. Will the hair fit? Will it be too bulky? Will it be long enough? Etc etc etc...⠀

That’s why I believe in having a great return policy for my customers.⠀

My return policy is 3 days. So I send you a tracking number when I ship the hair and when it is delivered, you have 3 days from the delivery date to decide if you like it or not or if you want to exchange it.⠀

If you don’t love it, you email me and send it back (with a tracking number) and I refund you (minus a restock fee for washing, styling, and repackaging). It’s so simple! (See my website for more detailed instructions.)⠀

The only time I don’t take returns is if the hair has been altered in any way (cuts and color). ⠀ 3 days is enough time to wear it, curl it, straighten it, do whatever you need to figure out if it is going to work for you.

So in summary, if you ever have any questions, send me an email and I will be happy to help! I want you to love the hair you buy and I think you will love Wanderlust Dream Hair!⠀

The right topper is out there for you. Don’t give up! ♥️💃⠀

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