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Blonde Wavy Hair

The perfect solution to thinning hair! 

You can apply a hair topper or wig within minutes without hassle or fuss!

Restore Your Confidence!

It can be dishearting and traumatic fighting hair loss. Hair loss can lead to anxiety and high levels of stress within your daily hairstyling routine.  But it doesn't need to control your life, with hair toppers you can experience fuller hair. The time to take back your confidence can start now.

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My name is Alison and I am so happy you found my website. I wanted to share a little of my story. I have always had fine, thin hair and have always longed for thick luscious locks. I tried everything: halo extensions, tape-in extensions, etc. But none of these products added hair to the crown which is where I needed it. Those of you who are dealing with hair loss due to post-childbirth, cancer, PCOC, and other health issues, or just thin hair like myself will find that a topper can add the hair you need to look and feel beautiful again. 


You are not alone. Wearing "helper's hair" has become a normal thing. A lot of celebrities wear toppers! I hope you will love my product and that it will help you feel confident and beautiful like it has made me feel! There are so many women that would love to see how a topper could help them, so please don't be shy and share your photos with me to post on my Instagram. 


Meet Alison

Watch Amber (Fabricating Fringe) review her Wanderlust Dream Hair Topper 

"As soon as I put the topper on, I was shocked at how pretty it made me feel. My hair has been thinning for several years now and I haven’t had such beautiful thick hair in a long time. It was very glamorous and the color was gorgeous. It was very easy to To style The hair easily with my curling iron wand. I was able to curl my hair together with the topper." -Maria

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